About Cheryl


35 years of travel industry & media experience

Daughter, sister, mother. Dancer, artist, student, teacher. Business leader in tourism and hospitality, to on air media host, in all instances, I’ve always leaned towards finding the balance between work and life. And this is where travel comes in… escape, getaway for a day, seek bright sunshine, it all relates.

I have always loved home design and all things related to gardens. With our children launched and building careers of their own, there’s nothing I love more than escaping to enchanting destinations to discover new foods and wine, immerse myself in wellness over a long weekend, or spend special time with our family in a chic resort… near water, gardens and cultural experiences, of course!

With the arrival of our first grandchild last year (2015), more than ever, I anticipate the joy of living with this precious new soul and indeed, traveling with the next generation of our family in tow.

After 13 years of recent work in media from newspapers and television, to hosting my own radio show for the past four, I am thrilled to be sharing this website and my shows with you, here online. This exciting technology which allows us to download information with just a few keyboard strokes, or to simply click on an icon, has been tailor-made for a scribe like me. I absolutely love talking with people and learning about their take on life.

So, a special thank you for visiting. Drop us a line anytime – share your views, or a program that caught your eye and needs some research. We love to hear from you, our valued audience, and will report back promptly.

Yours in great experiences,